October 26, 2017

How Recycling Makes Egger Wood Products Even Better

Egger wood products are known for their high quality and elegant look. As a Canadian supplier of Egger wood products, we are happy to inform potential clients that Egger is integrating wood recycling in to its operation.

The wood recycling business

Wood recycling developed early in the 1990’s as a result of public opinion that started to lean toward forest preservation and the worries over potential climate change.

Recycled wood products are used for the reconstruction of new wood panels or as a source of energy.

wood products manufacturers benefit from recycling wood because modern clients  are aware and value efforts that are made in order to preserve the environment. Each recycled product represents a preserved tree in a forest and a saving of a large amount of energy that would have been used to cut down, transfer and process that tree. Other benefits are the reduction in wood-related waste and the creation of jobs in an industry that contributes to sustainability.

Egger’s recycling operation

Egger’s recycling arm, Timberpak, is recycling wood collected in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, industrial facilities and from civic amenity sites. Timberpak offers wood waste collection service to those who don’t want to deposit the wood for recycling on of Timberpark’s collection sites.

All material is inspected upon arrival at the facility. Metal and other unwanted elements are removed before the material enters the recycling process. Egger is proud of the fact that this process helps reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills and thus helps preserving the environment. Another fact to be proud of is that the recycling process eliminates the release of carbon, which further helps environmental efforts.

Timberpark’s diligent selection process ensures the high quality or the recycled material.







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