August 11, 2017

Compact Laminate – the Right Choice for Your Project?

What is compact laminate

Are you looking for modern, clean, smooth looking kitchen design?

Interested in a durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean surfaces in your kitchen?

Compact Laminate may be the best solution for you.

Constructed in a way that makes it ideal for certain purposes, compact laminate has the advantages of an engineered material combined with the stylish appearance of some of the finest wood products.

compact laminate

How is it made

The production process includes soaking paper sheets in a special liquid that contributes to the final product’s strength and durability.

After drying, the sheets are then pressed between laminated sheets. The product is then baked in an oven at high temperature.  The material is going through the process of polymerisation in which small molecules (called Monomers) are combined to form larger ones (called Polymers). This process creates a stronger, more durable material.

Advantages of compact laminate

Compact laminate is considered to be one of the most strong and resilient surfaces that you can use for furniture and interior design. The surfaces have better resistance to moisture than most alternative products.

The combination of an artificially designed material and natural looking texture and color provides an advantage over other materials that don’t have these features. It is both durable and elegant. It can be made to resemble natural grain patterns while maintaining superior durability and uniformity typical to an engineered material.

Compact laminate is also stronger than most alternatives. It can be used in areas that are likely to present substantial impact on the surfaces. This material is also quite easy to clean which makes it ideal in places like kitchens and dinning rooms.

Main uses of compact laminate

Its resistance to moisture makes it a good choice for high-moisture areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, change rooms, etc.

Its strength, durability and thinness appeal to designers of offices, labs, commercial spaces, restrooms etc.

The modern smooth and clean-looking surfaces appeal to interior and furniture designers who plan both residential and commercial projects.

Supply and availability

Decotec Inc. supplies compact laminate sheets in various dimensions, colors and textures.

Our products are chosen by a large number of designers and manufacturers for their high quality, appealing appearance and commercial considerations such as availability, service and price.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get the compact laminate products that you need for your project.



What is compact laminate?

Features and uses of compact laminate


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