July 24, 2017

Cabinet Doors Supplier’s Opinion of Thermofoil Doors

Cabinet Doors Supplier’s Opinion of Thermofoil Doors

Cabinet doors supplier’s take on Thermofoil cabinet doors

As a supplier of kitchen cabinet doors, we are regularly asked for our opinion of Thermofoil doors.

Thermofoil cabinet doors are very popular among home owners and builders for good reasons.

The artificial material was designed to serve certain purposes that many would find important.

The manufacturing process enables the production of large quantities of Thermofoil products at a short time and at a relatively low cost and many cabinet door suppliers will tell you that availability of proper size Thermofoil doors is usually not an issue.

So what is Thermofoil and how to decide whether or not it’s good for your kitchen?

How does a Thermofoil door made?

Thermofoil cabinet doors are made by attaching vinyl sheets on top of MDF sheets, using pressure and vacuum and some glue-like materials to keep the different layers attached.

The vinyl cover adds some desirable qualities to the MDF. It makes the new door more durable and water resistant. It can be painted much more easily than the original MDF. It has a clean look that is appealing to many home owners today.

The advantages and Disadvantages of Thermofoil cabinet doors

Cabinet door suppliers who recommend their Thermofoil doors will usually refer to it’s lower price point, its solid, smooth surface and the fact that it is easier to clean Thermofoil doors than doors made of most other materials.

As an experienced cabinet door supplier, we can add a few points to that list.

The first point is very subjective: The clean and smooth surfaces of this product are appealing to some home owners more than they are to others. If you like this style, you will probably like it the first moment you’ll see it. The other advantage is its availability.

Since Thermofoil doors are manufactured in a factory, large quantities can be produced in a relatively short time. Many different sizes are available as well.

This can be an advantage over cabinet doors that are made from natural wood, that may sometimes be in short supply due to natural causes or logistic causes.

To learn more contact your Thermofoil cabinet doors supplier at Decotec Inc.


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